Datrixo is a holding firm. We incubate and scale AI/biotech companies.

Who We Are?

Datrixo is a venture holding and a builder. The holding’ value increases when its portfolio’s value increases.  All holding’s owners & investors can realize new profit by selling their equity at any moment.

Commercializing the AI

We seek the equity growth by lunching companies focused on AI & next generation internet. We develop new businesses and scale them to increase the value. To build new ventures, we focus on industries where application of AI is the key to enable solution for a large-scale market problem or a new business model. Datrixo is able to build new AI companies fast (to benefit from a new model ahead of others). This is because our team has deep understanding of tech mixed with hands-on experience in numerous projects.

The Process


We identify new opportunity and prototype the solution fast. After it was successfully validated by the live market, we are ready to scale a new standalone company via acquisitions. Datrixo supports a new company until it has secured outside investment or until its valuation has grown high enough to realize the profit.

Current Portfolio


The “post-Covid” cohort includes companies that were incubated before the crisis and are ready for scale due to highly-increased demand. They are offering services of the vital necessity in the post-Covid in-crisis economy.  The portfolio companies are at the post-prototype stage, will be positioned for further rounds of investment at higher valuations than the current nominal portfolio valuations.

Bio-Tech/ Life Sciences (Portfolio is Open for Investment)

Longevity AI and Product Marketplace

The longevity-focused company. We develop new tools & products to predict & manage individual’s bio-age.


Smart Lunch Delivery Assistants

An AI-powered lunch delivery app that automates meal selection, ordering and delivery in one easy workflow.


Specialized Health K-Engines

(Vertical) search and recommendation (knowledge) engines for specialized health conditions.



Smart Health Profiling and Social Network

Reinventing online social networking based on smart multi-granular profiling.


Crypto Markets Intelligence

A real-time “Telegram” AI bot that has ability to analyze trade exchange data to derive a price for major cryptos.


Stealth Portfolio

Bio-Tech/ Life Sciences (Portfolio is Open for Investment)

Capital Markets on a Blockchain

(Stealth) Cross-Border Payment Network

(Stealth) Probalistic Search

(Stealth) Wellness AI

(Stealth) Self-Driving UAVs