Design, build, train & deploy models that fit your case.

Datrixo offers a modular customizable platforms that help developers & data scientists build, train, and deploy machine learning and deep learning models at scale for any topical domain.

Powered by Datrixo frameworks, the infrastructure for your AI can be ready fast. Once the infrastructure is ready, you have a choice of using pre-built open source algorithms, bringing your own, or choosing our service to engineer new algorithms to go quickly from experiments to deployment.

We work on delivering value from AI & ML tech in the form of tangible business impact. Datrixo’s frameworks are the manifestation of this, assisting data-scientists to build better machine learning models faster and to take them from a prototype to enterprise scale deployment in a few clicks.

Search Platform for Actonable Insights

With the reference, indexing and search framework from Datrixo, you can discover insights within any data dynamically and at scale.

Datrixo’s search platform works as a dynamic “lookup index” over the internal, web or integrated resources with ability to convert the source data “on-the-fly” into the format ready for analysis.

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First Predictive Dynamic System

Develop real-time, “smart, non-biased assistants” across any domain with our platform for data processing & curation. The smart non-biased assistants are the powerful applications that use existing data sources to enrich your data to generate predictive insights. For the first time, users can address events as they’re happening — across any business domain and in detail.

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Reinforecent Learning (MARL)

Datrixo platform for reinforcement learning is an agent builder that provides “drag and drop” functionality for building and training. It is so-called “environment” design for agent development. You can train your models faster with our proprietary MARL framework for accelerated training, environment design & management.

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Working with the clients, we combine development consulting with the use of our products – the frameworks for rapid development and the third-party infrastructure blocks. That way, while you get a unique application specific for your case, the development process is standardized and fast. We use fixed price for product showcase – saving you time and money – focused on delivering business outcomes.

Develop, launch, and operate your Web3 business apps faster