Making an AI promise a reality

We offer products for deploying AI faster along with opportunities for new venture creation and R&D


Datrixo offers development acceleration frameworks for large-scale knowledge mining, prediction and model training.

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We leverage proprietary tech to incubate AI companies from scratch. We accelerate their growth with investments.

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Tech Solutions

Datrixo offers frameworks for deploying AI solutions faster from smart assistants to model training.

Predictive Systems

Develop non-biased assistants across any domain with our platform for data processing & curation.

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Smart Search

With Datrixo’s reference framework, you can discover insights within any data dynamically and at scale.

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Reinforcement Learning

You can train your models faster with our proprietary MARL framework for accelerated training.

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To help businesses get AI-ready today, we offer a quick infrastructure and data set-ups.  Once all is ready, you can chose AI methods & algorithms most suitable for your case or we can help with algorithm engineering and method selection.

AI Infrustructure

Set up the technology infrastructure specific for your anticipated use of  AI. You will need an environment where you can prototype the solution, experiment with models and scale up to production use.

Data Set-up

Select sources, gather all data related to the future solution, clean, enrich, stream, convert into the unified format and mark with the metadata tags from the related domain.


Once all is ready, you will need to define the suitable AI method. You can use open source algorithms, bring your own, or choose our service. We help with method selection and algorithm engineering.

Selected Portfolio Ventures

We use ML and Datrixo deep learning (frameworks) to build solutions  to improve outcomes in finance, health, and capital markets with AI. Investors can invest in Datrixo’s tech growth portfolio (1) traditionally or via the optional liquidity feature — a portfolio-backed equity token. Portfolio 1 symbol – DRX. Portfolio II symbol – DRXT.

Decentralized Cap Markets

The first-of-its-kind platform where a company equity is split into digital shares and offered up to buyers via the app-based “smart” exchange.

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Online Launch Delivery

A “Pandora”- like on-demand launch recommendations and seamless delivery in one-click personalized by person & location.

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Crypto Assets Monitoring

An AI bot with ability to derive price signals for major digital tokens by tracking price actions on major exchanges and blockchain networks.

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