The rise of artificial intelligence in recent years is grounded in the success of deep learning. Three major drivers caused the breakthrough: the availability of huge amounts of training data, powerful computational infrastructure, and advances in academia. As the deep learning systems start to outperform not only classical methods, but also human benchmarks in various tasks, this creates the potential for many disruptive new businesses leveraging deep learning to solve real-world problems.

At Datrixo, we work on these new business cases in various industries (fin-tech, health, food and fashion ).

Founded by a team of software engineers and entrepreneurs from Europe, we have made investments with the focus on AI &  Big Data sector. Our expertise  and extensive network of software experts help us establish new projects that solve real problems, show sure signs of traction and can scale to disrupt the established markets.

The company is headquartered in the New York City. We have close relationships with the tech experts from US and Europe and ability to accelerate growth by sharing the best practices across our portfolio.

 Datrixo focuses on key areas of emerging Crypto – Industries

Datrixo advances AI and blockchain technology through capital investment and software development in the fundamental areas we operate: capital markets, identity, healthtech, d-commerce and underlying technologies.

Capital Markets

A range of AI fintech applications.
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Datrixo built a digital identity platform for people and products that is notarizing all events.
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Underlying Tech

Datrixo’s technical innovations with data analytic at scale on permisssioned blockchains enable us to write business applications that make use of new powerful functionality.  
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