Datrixo is a private equity holding that incubates and scales AI companies.

What is Datrixo?

We develop new businesses and scale them to increase (the holding company) equity valuation. The holding’s investors can realize growth profit by reselling their equity at any moment.

Commercializing the AI

We focus on industries & problems where AI is the key to enable a solution for a large-scale market problem. Because our team has hands-on understanding of AI tech mixed with ability to start new ventures, Datrixo is able to build new companies fast enough to secure a leading position in their niches.


We build new venture from the ground up. Our team identifies a new great business model and we prototype a solution we believe will become a market-dominating company. After it was successfully validated by a market, we are ready to scale a new standalone company. Datrixo supports new company until outside investments or until the valuation grew high enough to realize the profit for investors.

The Current Portfolio

The “Covid – cohort” includes companies that were already incubated by Datrixo before the crisis and are ready for scale due to the highly increased demand, as they are offering services of the vital necessity in the post – Covid economy.

BioTech/ Life Sciences (Portfolio is Open for Investment)

Longevity Research and Marketplace

The longevity-focused company to develop a new AI method to predict an individual’s biological age.

Specialized Health Search Engines

(Vertical) search and recommendation (knowledge) engines for specialized health conditions.

Lunch Delivery Assistant

An AI-powered lunch delivery app that automates meal selection, ordering and delivery in one easy workflow.


Smart Health Profiling and Social Network

Reinventing online social networking based on smart multi-granular profiling.

Crypto Markets Intelligence

A real-time Telegram AI bot that has ability to analyze trade exchange data to derive a price for major tokens.

Stealth Portfolio

(Stealth) Wellness AI

(Stealth) Self-Driving UAVs

(Stealth) Probalistic Search

(Stealth) Cross-Border Payment Network

Capital Markets on a Blockchain

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