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Group Trade

Group Trade is the first platform for collective purchasing based on block-chain ledgers. It is the new type of “Many2Many” marketplace is that allows groups of users to purchase directly from group of suppliers.
The benefits are:
- Lowering barriers to entry for new suppliers and new products.
- Improving liquidity of their products for vendors – both small and large.
- Removing the cross-border trade costs.

GroupTrade, is the decentralized commerce (D-Commerce) marketplace for collective purchasing based on the block-chain ledgers, that allows groups of users purchase directly from group of suppliers.

Group Trade offers a new way of commerce – collective purchasing. The group of users get together to procure goods from a vendor once or on ongoing basis. When bulk of collective purchasing happens through a group made up of consumers or wholesalers, everyone on both sides wins on price and terms.

Group Trade gets users set-up in minutes from order processing, escrow and payment processing to vendor communications and proof of delivery – all fully automated through decentralized technology.

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