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Crypto Rate Index

Family of AI bots and APIs that extract the performance data from the altcoin markets to predict the future rates of the alternative currencies. (Not intended to be investment advice).

While the altcoin markets are still very undeveloped, we can see a new group of altcoin funds that are and will be hitting the crypto investment world in the coming years. Those funds bring the public market investors with them. Our consideration is that as we are going into this unvetted coins world, with their volatility being super high, only the AI-based methods can be used for price assessment. Crypto Index is one of the first such tools. We built it to use the index-based approaches to asses the price of new altcoins and appcoins.

Crypto Index can be used by the investors to compare the currencies, to understand the factors that influence the altcoin markets and to identify correlations between altcoins and other asset classes.

Based on current trends, it seems probable that crypto-assets net capitalization will reach the hundreds of billions of USD by 2019. The market for crypto-asset information and data will probably explode alongside it. Crypto Index’s value is directly related to crypto-market size. The larger crypto-markets grow, the more valuable Crypto Index’s function becomes. The more valuable the function, the greater the likelihood that many will use the service.

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Crypto Index built as a resource for investors and analysts to help them track and analyze new blockchain token sales and the coins market capitalization as it grows and expands. We calculate market caps for crypto-currency or/and crypto-assets that are listed on a public exchange with an API that reports the last traded price and the last 24 hour trading volume. The full offerings database, that is under the Index, includes additional data points such as the ICO’s open and close date, website, whitepaper, and funds raised. Keeping up with altcoins is exhausting. Most sources out there are either nontechnical, not objective or partisan. It’s hard to know which details are accurate or inaccurate, partial or whole or actually something to worry about. This is why we’ve created Index as a place that the market participants can go to learn about the altcoin markets without the emotional debate and based on facts.

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 White Paper

Crypto Index White Paper Aug 30 2017
Crypto Rate Index
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