Datrixo is a venture builder developing custom AI applications and various developer tools for AI ecosystem, primarily focused on predictive analytic solutions.
  • Applied AI

    AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) helps unlock
    the value of your data via pre-built
    apps that are easy to integrate into existing business processes.

    Applied AI
  • Prototyping

    Fast and cost-effective prototypes are useful to test the AI solution. Datrixo builds novel prototypes from where to build a robust AI system ready to scale and evolve.

  • Data Science

    Our team has a solid knowledge of AI, data science and engineering and experience in building various large and small scale apps.

    Data Science

Our services and suite of products allows to streamline the AI adoption. Our business model is to turn academic research and deep industry expertise into the products that help companies (big or small) to include AI and blockchain solutions into their businesses.

AI as a Service

A range of AI technologies and applications to integrate into your business now. We use our coding library and a set of pre-built applications that are suitable for your business case: adopting, deploying, and applying AI.
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DLT Technology

A full stack application development for decentralized architectures such as blockchain. Our services range from a simple smart contract to complex cross-border payment systems.
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Venture Incubation

We leverage our proprietary tech stack and processes to build new “AI-first” ventures. With the support of our PE partners, we accelerate the growth of new launched ventures via targeted acquisitions. ¬†
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Recent Projects

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Fintech Projects: AI
AI Infrastructure
Fintech Projects: AI and Blockchain, Ventures: AI and Blockchain
Instantly transfer money and crypto around the world
Fintech Projects: Blockchain
A market predictor for any financial asset.
Fintech Projects: AI
CAMAI – Capital Markets AI
Crypto market AI and inv. fund
Capital Markets on a Blockchain

Rapid Development of AI Solutions and AI Ventures

AI Consulting

Datrixo offers development consulting to help companies build their vertical AI solutions fast. Our expertise is in applied AI, DL and blockchain - we are turning research into new business solutions for clients. Explore Services >      

AI Ventures

Datrixo is also a venture builder. We leverage our proprietary technology stack to build new AI companies. We accelerate the growth of new ventures through acquisitions, partnerships and funding. Ventures Pipeline >