With Datrixo data integration services, you can create unified views of data related to any topic from medical research to market analysis to crop field diagnostics.

The unified data set is compiled from the seemingly unrelated, broad and diverse data sources and contains all the important data related to your topic.

Once you have the unified data set, it can be explored to uncover the hidden relationships between the data points: facts, events, trends – whatever BI insights is required.



Integration of information is a first step and a key factor of many decisions that drive everything from medical research to investment analysis to agriculture management.

Datrixo offers a practical solution for data integration that utilizes our proprietary Big Data Platform. Our Big Data Platform is a set of tools & infrastructure for integration of data into the “unified data model”. In the Unified Data Model, distributed web sources and disparate databases are all transparently represented as a single virtual data unit. The users are able to access the unified data through a single access point to all the internal & external, structured & unstructured data while the remote data sources are kept intact.


The platform offers access to, integration of and insight from all the disparate data sources of internal and external data, including both structured data from databases and unstructured content from the social media websites and text documents.

The platform architecture combines traditional techniques with our proprietary approach to handle all the complexities of connecting, identifying and analyzing the data sources and provides insight against a specific BI request.



Datrixo offers Application mashup (API) service – quick way to provide business users with federated access to the various web services and heterogeneous data sources.

Due to the myriad of data sources and complexity of data models typical for running any analytic solution today, the API mash-up is a must-have approach for the firms to increase their productivity and empower business competitiveness.

Datrixo Application Mash-up Service includes an automated discovery and integration of web services and data sources on application (API) level. Service installation is fast and easy to accomplish through a web-based interface.


The institutions are adding new services for their core software systems all the time. Separating data and the other IT system components, promises to improve performance and to ease further development and maintenance of the systems.

Datrixo Data Services help corporations create and maintain this important data service layer – an abstraction layer that helps firms take full advantage of data available across the web. With Datrixo Data Services it’s easy to build data services that find, transform, and aggregate data across multiple web sources. We help deliver the right formats to the right software applications.


Datrixo Data Services offer non-IT workers ability to handle some business intelligence (BI) development tasks from within their Excel spreadsheets or other applications. There is an ongoing need to run new analytic applications and develop new data structures.  Our Mash-up-style data service  allows the making of low-level changes in user’s BI applications without affecting back-end data models.

With Datrixo Data Services it’s easy to build data services that find, transform, and aggregate data across multiple web sources.  We help  deliver the right formats to the right applications.


Datrixo provides services and undertakes research on a range of research-intensive areas of big data and structured data analysis, such as:

  • research exploring the implications, challenges and opportunities of deploying big data at web scale
  • applications of big data to address problems in healthcare
  • research and development of tools to assist bloggers and other users of web data

If you’d to discuss these or specific projects, please email with “research” in the “subject” line.